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JGB Live at Greek Theater on 2005-09-24

by JGB

Topics Live concert

3rd Set of the day...

1. Cats Down Under the Stars
2. Rhapsody in Red
3. Lucky Old Sun
4. My Sisters and Brothers
5. Deal*

Collection JGB
Band/Artist JGB
Venue Greek Theater
Location Berkley, CA

Source Neumann KM-140 -> MP-2 -> SBM-1 ->D-8
Lineage Dat master -> HHb CDR830 -> EAC -> WAV -> CDR -> EAC -> .flac
Taped by Bill Shaw
Transferred by Bill Shaw


* w/ Warren Haynes, Bill Kreutzman, and Merl Saunders with Melvin
on keys

Thanks a ton to Peter Toluzzi for help getting this seed!


Reviewer: fydo1974 - - March 26, 2010
Subject: URL of main set
The main "Comes A Time" set is available here:

I still haven't found the bluegrass, SCI, or Ratdog sets from this awesome day. Any pointers?
Reviewer: P-man - - August 1, 2007
Subject: I am alive again!
Just saw the resurrection of JG at the Salty Jam in Saint John, New Brunswick with this band, and what a rare treat to come here, they were amazing, the show can be downloaded here, I was lost but now am found again! This is also a fantastic show, as are most that I've heard. Stu Allen is absolutely incredible in both singing and playing, and yet it's as natural as breathing. That amazes me. And Melvin, to listen to him is like you've died and gone to heaven. Some of the most moving organ I've ever heard, he really is "the master of the universe!" If you haven't, listen to this set.
Reviewer: birdsgosouth - - December 30, 2006
Subject: The rest of the story
Anyone know where one can find the remainder of the show, same format?
Reviewer: ianinsarasota - - June 25, 2006
Subject: JGB highlight of the show
By far the most authenic vibe of the day. A day filled with great music and great musicians was brought to a higher level by the current JGB with Melvin Seals and Stu Allen.
Listen to this, but more importantly go see them
You will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: papageis - - May 11, 2006
Subject: So great to read these kind of responses!
I just want to thank the taper for posting this show! What a tasty treat!
My wife, Sarah, and I are great friends with Stu and Sam Howard (drums) from their days in Minneapolis. I think Stu & Sam were destined to play with Melvin in JGB, and as such they are both having a great time helping Melvin keep Jerry's spirit alive! Sam said playing at the Greek was definitely a high-point in his musical career (not to mention playing on Bill Kreutzmann's kit!) so it's just wonderful for us to hear others talk about the JGB set being the hi-lite of the tribute show. I believe Jerry was smiling down on them! What a great set! A bit short, but oh so sweet! :-)

Reviewer: Mighty T-Bone - - April 12, 2006
Subject: Magic night of music!
I, too was there and concur with the previous reviewer that the JGB set was the highlight of the night. Stu truly interprets and channels Jerry without sinking to impersonation. Not a dry eye in the house when Merl Saunders made an appearance for Deal. This is a well recorded audience tape, as it seems are most from the Greek.

Thanks Stu, thanks Melvin, and thank you Jerry.
Reviewer: hyperboy - - April 12, 2006
Subject: Sweet Sounds!
This sure is a rare treat! This short set is just perfect for the commute to and from work. Who is that singing? He sounds as close to Jerry as you could possibly get.

Playing and sound are great. They sound like they are having so much fun!
Reviewer: Chris Mescia - - April 11, 2006
Subject: Comes A Time
Though I was stoked to Stu, Melvin and the boys at Comes A Time (my first trip to the Greek from Louisville), I would have never guessed that their set would have been my favorite of the day when Jimmy, Warren, Trey, Bobby etc were also in the lineup. They were more of a band that day than the main set, which was more of a sit-in session, but still....

Check out the loose lucy tease in Rhapsody, and the Lucky ole Sun was sweeeet!
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Source: Melvin Seals and the JGB
by JGB
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Source: Neumann KM-140 -> MP-2 -> SBM-1 ->D-8
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by Steve Kimock Band
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Source: Matrix= DPA4022 + DPA4027+ DPA4060
by JGB
Source: Matrix= DPA4022 + DPA4027+ DPA4060
Source: Sound Board > Mogami Gold XLR Cables > Sound Devices 722 (24/96)
by JGB
Source: Audience
by JGB
Source: AT822 > Sony M1 for 3min 24 sec, then AKG SE300B w/ CK91 cartridges > UA-5 > Sony D8.